May 11, 2020

A forrest of leaves,

There are repetitive motifs, free and paid pattern of hearts, grapes, flowers, leaves that we can search and download at any moment. Here's mine.

May 4, 2020

My little dancing girl

Some years ago I designed an edging for the dress of the little girl of a friend. The girl had fallen in love with the spanish flamenco women dancers dresses when she visited Spain with her mom and I wanted to give her something to remember her time here instead of the stuff for turists sold in every corner.

April 17, 2020

An Onion Ring challenge.

I haven't tatted and written in a while... well, more than a while. Suddenly, in the Online Tatting Classes, Ninetta brought a special pattern from Anne Orr's book 14 that you can find in Georgia Seiz Bella On line column.

November 3, 2015

Tatted Relations

There are questions that arise when tatters have a pattern that calls for a specific thread size, "What if I use another thread size?", "What is the equivalence of thread size X?", "If I use another thread size should I add or remove DS to get the same dimensions of the work?", ¨How many?"

Is there a direct relation between thread sizes and the tatted work?

March 31, 2015

That difficult Round 9

That difficult Round 9

This post is for a facebook friend that is having some troubles tatting Renulek's 2015 napkin. Here you have Cathie, I hope it helps to understand how that round flows.

March 25, 2015

Stunning Silk Dress Edging

Georgia has been bringing old patterns from Europe and USA back to life for many, many years, but have been the tatters from East Europe and Russia that have made them very popular, tatting those old works with new threads and colours, selling them via internet.

February 11, 2015

The new Renulek's 2015 doilly

Renulek is posting her new doilly for 2015 and naturally many tatters started to tat it. Actually, we don't know the size of the finish doilly, but she uses to do big ones. There are eleven (11) rounds. 

Update: it seems that Round 10 is the last round.
Update: I was wrong, there is an 11th round.

February 2, 2015

Back to

Let's go back. Back to work on TatHelper, Maths and Onion Rings.

I haven't worked on the things I love in the last months (almost a year). Time doesn't last as it used to when I was younger. How can it be? The Theory of Relativity in action?

June 2, 2014

Renulek's Summer Doily in TatHelper

Well, why not? It's shorter, easier than Spring Doily, many tatters are tatting it too, had time ...

May 31, 2014

Renulek's Spring Doily.

I haven't been tatting almost anything in the last months, but designing, coding, studying, then realized that it seems that these days every tatter in the tatting groups I belong to, are talking about or tatting Renulek's Doily.

My tatting friend also tatted it. I had to asked myself what that doily had to be so special.

Well, It's an impressive doily indeed. So, if I would like tatting it, what would I need? Pictures don't show the real size of the doily

May 30, 2014

Nellie Youngburg's motif 37 in TatHelper

Nellie Youngburg wrote a wonderful book of tatting with many tatted motifs, but she did something else, she combined those motifs to create different works.

The edgings 3 and 14 were reused to create a Camisole York.

The camisole is made with 18 motifs, each one with 8 onion rings.

May 14, 2014

My perfect Onion Ring

This is not about computer's application for tatting lace. It's a development about tatting onion rings.

Onion Ring is a complex shape made of one ring surrounded by a bigger ring, using one thread for both rings. In the old books I've read, onion rings didn't join outer ring to a inner ring's picot. Perhaps this has been a modern modification trying to keep the rings in the intended position.
Well, onion rings have been a headache. I'd never tatted a nice, flat, well looking onion ring.

When Georgia asked us to make samples from Nellie Youngburg's book I chose to tat pattern #37 and didn't realized it had many, many onion rings!!!

After some tries I finally developed a method to make the perfect onion ring for me.

March 25, 2014

Evaluating feedback

After evaluating the feedback received from the users, numbers clearly said close it and shutdown. I'm doing so.
I've enjoyed developing it and will keep working on it for myself, finishing the graphing module, love math and tatting and both go together.

February 24, 2014

TatHelper Updated

TatHelper updated. Added some improvements in SetUp modules to recover data from backups, detect new executable version. Added uncommon joins to configuration file. To download the new release

February 18, 2014

Mrs Platt's patterns

I love Mrs Platt's work. Unfortunatly I just know two patterns of her: Child Bonnet and Booties.

I have tatted the original patterns several times, then I versioned them till I had another work, like my rice grains booties.

January 30, 2014

Corina MeyFeldt's Snowflake in TatHelper

Corina Meyfeldt is a tatter from Rumania. Blog: On her blog Corina posted this snowflake pattern which uses bugle beads. Beaded tatting is fun and colorful but using bugle beads does require some planning ahead.

Anne Bruvold's Netty the Newt

A tatHelper's pattern Sample

Anne Bruvold is an amazing tatting designer that has shared many patterns with tatters all around the world. Under her authorization I publish here one of her designs using TatHelper grammar and the results obtained for it.

April 9, 2012

TatHelper Tatting Design Application

Finished v.07 on November 2013
This version manage a pattern editor, tatting grammar, evaluates and calcs the thread needed in a pattern, can load a saved pattern and save new and old patterns in its pattern folder. Highly configurable.